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1 of 2 brothers suspected in parrot theft arrested

Daniel Ibuado, 44 (MDC)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — One of the two brothers charged in the January theft of a pair of expensive parrots from a Northeast Heights pet store is now behind bars.

Daniel Ibuado, 44, was transferred to the Metropolitan Detention Center from El Paso Thursday, according to online jail records.

Albuquerque police had filed arrest warrants for Daniel and his brother Medardo Ibuado, 36, after they said surveillance video showed them running out of Petland, on Paseo del Norte near Louisiana NE, with the parrots under their jackets.

They are accused of stealing two parrots, a scarlet macaw worth $2,800 and a smaller bird – a Timneh African grey – that is worth $2,200.

Medardo Ibuado is still at large.

Terri Hallberg, the owner of Petland pet store, said the parrots have not been found, but they are still holding out hope.

“It would be lovely if we could actually get the birds back and celebrate that,” Hallberg said Friday.