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Psychologist charged with wielding gun in SF road rage incident

SANTA FE – A clinical psychologist who told police he believes people have been following him was arrested in south Santa Fe on Wednesday evening after he pointed a gun at another man’s head at the end of a road-rage incident.

William K. Hunt, 65, of Albuquerque was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and false imprisonment.

William Hunt

Hunt “alleged and suggested” that the man he pointed the gun at was driving “one of many vehicles he believes has been possibly following and stalking him,” says a police report.

The report says that Hunt, over the past four years, “has filed numerous police reports with Albuquerque police authorities, State Police and (SFPD) about how ‘they’ continue to stalk and harass him.”

Hunt told police Wednesday that he’d seen “several suspicious vehicles parked on a hill near his work” and again referred “to the alleged perpetrators as ‘they.’ ”

Hunt identified his workplace as Mesa Vista Wellness in Santa Fe. A man who identified himself as the facility’s executive director wouldn’t comment when asked on the phone to confirm if Hunt worked there. “I’m not able to speak about anything about Dr. Hunt,” he said.

The Santa Fe police released a report from Feb. 24 in which Hunt said he believes he was being followed by members of the Aryan Brotherhood and that it had been going on for a while. The people following him have never approached him or spoken to him, Hunt told the police.

According to a Meow Wolf employee – who “appeared shaken up and frightened” after his encounter with Hunt – he was headed south on Cerrillos in his Volkswagen Jetta after leaving work when Hunt’s black Jeep stopped in a right turn lane at a red light next to him, a police report says.

The Jeep didn’t turn and instead went through the intersection and began traveling on the roadway shoulder next to the Jetta, then sped up and tried to cut off the Jetta, nearly causing a crash, the other driver told police. The Jeep driver, who turned out to be Hunt, stayed behind the Jetta as the two drivers got on the southbound entrance ramp for I-25 and then began his flashing headlights in what the other driver believed was an effort to get him to pull over. The other driver stopped on the shoulder and called 911.

Hunt stopped behind the Jetta. The other driver told police he believed the Jeep driver would continue to follow him, so he backed up on the shoulder to get behind the Jeep and get its license plate number.

That’s when Hunt got out of Jeep armed with a handgun and pointed it at the Meow Wolf employee. Hunt held the man at gunpoint, moving the gun from hand to hand, with the gun “directly at his head.” A responding officer yelled “drop the gun” and Hunt did so, a report says.

Jail records showed Hunt was still in jail Thursday afternoon.